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Death By Podcast is devoted to discussing horror and cult films via podcast, written reviews, editorial-based articles and interviews. Season 1 (episodes 1-21) was a blast and Season 2 is approaching. The show will have Joey and Mike joined by two new voices, Tara and Paul. Every episode, the crew will delve into and examine an array of horror and cult flicks.

Death By Podcast has a voicemail for ya’ll to leave any comments about the movies we discuss, the podcast, request movies for us to cover, or anything else you’d like to say and have us play on the air!

(929) 274-2263

Feel free to give us your insight on any films, or any of the recent episodes we’ve covered, via our new voicemail. We also have an email for the quiet ones:

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Along with DBP, Slice & Dice Dreadcast is a roulette style horror podcast. On each episode Joey and Jim discuss horror films randomly selected from an online streaming service. Our former co-host James had to take an indefinite hiatus, so we will have rotating guest hosts to add to our “random” theme. Contact us about coming on the show!

And the guys used to talk wrestling on their other podcast, Death By Moonsault.

Death By Podcast and Slice & Dice Dreadcast episodes can now be found at the Horrorphilia Network.

We are also on iTunes! Please free to leave a review, whether positive or negative:

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iTunes: Slice & Dice Dreadcast

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